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Characters come alive, and they're authentic; from the first police officer on the scene, to the detectives who investigate the crimes, to the criminals who commit them to the prosecutors, judges and juries who deliver justice, you'll fell like you know these people.

Blue Line Publishing House, Inc. publishes novels in the Police Procedural / Detective / Crime / and Courtroom dramas genre exclusively in both Hardcover and Trade Paperback.

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Mike Walsh is a good cop, a devoted husband, and a good friend to have. His life, however, is being turned upside-down. After six years as a uniformed patrol officer in the Indianapolis Police Department, Mike is promoted to Detective and assigned to the elite Robbery & Homicide Division. Detective Walsh finds his new assignment is very different from patrol . . . .

His transition is made easier by old friend and mentor, Detective Sergeant Jack Lovell, and Mike soon finds he is quite good at detective work. Mike's wife, however, does not like the long hours he has to put in on the job, nor the increased dangers he faces. Their marriage, once solid, begins to suffer. Can Mike hold it all together? Only time will tell.

Tragedy is potentially around every corner. Will his luck one day run out? If it does, someone is going to pay the ultimate price.

Follow the young detective through ups and downs, the good times and bad, which eventually lead to a decision that will change his life forever. This time there will be no turning back!

FIRST EDITION - HARDCOVER - 408 PAGES - $27.95 (FREE Shipping & Handling)

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